July 13, 2016. happy anniversary mom & dad

let me start off this thing by saying

screw you both. 

you guys messed me up in more ways than either of you would ever admit and i will never come back from it.

second of all, happy anniversary. because although you both are seeing other people, you’re still married (unfortunately).

and i can’t help but want to reminisce on this day of days of the times where we were happy; or according to you, mom, pretending to be happy. but I can’t because all those fond memories were tainted by the words “your mother and i have decided….” and then it fades out. there was an “it will be the friendliest divorce you’ll ever see….” in there but cmon, that was a damn lie and a half because you both can barely stand to be in a room together. 

It was sudden, and it hurt. 

it hurt like hell.

damn, I’m crying now.

anyway, yeah, screw you both & have a good day.


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