i’m in love and it’s as magical as the movies *here’s the story of how it happened

okay so

story time.

this is gonna be a long one but its really nice and unprofessional and entertaining I think.

also the order of events M I G H T be slightly off but i dont think so but who cares cuz it makes sense

a year ago I went to this place called the holiday village dungeon. i had been going for a couple months and started to take photos there. there were a couple gr8 acts playing and one of those acts was this band called pardon my subconscious from rockford. it had 3 guys in it. tall pop punk guy on bass, smiley egg head on drums and a curly headed glasses guy up front on guitar and vocals.

now ok as lame as it is curly headed dude was cute ok obviously and i stood up front on the right takin pics, dude told me to be careful so his guitar wouldn’t hit me or my bff rio. and they played a cool set and i took some non terrible photos and then we and the band parted ways without getting any of their names that night.


the next day I did my usual routine of uploading the photos from the night before and i posted it to the event page. which caught the eye of pardons smiley drummer who I came to know as ethan. he posted a couple of my photos and it was chill and we became facebook friends which led to me becoming friends with his bandmates Corbin, the bassist and then Tyler, the tappy guitar boi.

okay so flash forward like a year.

Ethan randomly hit me up a couple months ago and we talked for a couple weeks about random crap and we just boolin. we had made a couple plans to hang out at shows or whatever but something always came up but it wasn’t a big deal, we were just nice friends.

I was a big fan of the band pardon and Ethan had invited me to his show in Beloit and i decided I was gonna go. so rio and I went and drove down there to see their show.

they sucked but i was a fan of them so who cares. it was just nice to see them play again and to hang out and go to a place we haven’t been for a show. it was a good time and we hugged Ethan and barely talked to his other band mates and that was about that.

(btw I was lookin good at that show ain’t no doubt)

a little later ethan had mentioned that Tyler was moving here to kenosha (where I live) and going to one of my local colleges which is about a 10 minute drive from me.

it was a cool coincidence and i hadn’t really ever spoken to him but it was nice. around then is when Ethan and i started talking less and more so every so often. which was all fine.

after this is when Rio had let me know that Tyler was talking to him more about little stuff around here in kenosha a bit before he moved here.

and then tyler sent me a little ol message and here’s where it gets good I think.

so he hit me up because he knew I was a friend of Ethans and i lived where he was about to move to. it was nice he thought of us but he prolly just wanted to know some people in a new place. we began chatting a lot and he had an upcoming solo show in waukegan that rio and i were gonna go to no doubt.

now I have thought this guy was cute since that first show a year ago, so i had a tiny crush (and i bet anyone would once they saw him play guitar cuz its attractive lemme tell ya). i made sure to dress extra cute in a short skirt and a crop top and my hair was hella cute. i was like, out here, with my looks.

and this dude

he came out here in a camo shirt and christmas slippers

I was like b o i

he cute

and I’m a pretty confident person in most cases and i love showing that off to boys.

so this guy played his show and immediately left right after without saying goodbye

and i was bummed cuz I was hoping he had a crush on me too. (I would later learn his parents were there btw and here I was lookin like a good ass hoe).

we went to a show with rio and i really felt like he didnt like me but he assures me that’s not the case haha.

but we kept talking and eventually this guy wanted to meet my dog (obviously) and so he asked me out to ice cream. and i accepted. it was just two bros hangin out or at least that was what I told myself because I didn’t want to over-hype anything and be disappointed by finding out it was nothing.

and so we got ice cream which he let melt in his hand and walked by the lake and told each other life stories and i had a really nice time and i liked this dummy. he was cute and ambitious and smart and tall and sweet. literally the perfect guy.

and then he took me home and i went inside. bUT the night didn’t end there because he had messaged me and we talked a little and he wanted to make sure we were on the same page about whether or not it was a date. and we never really figured it out. even now we still don’t know but we did know that we liked each other.

and we went on a couple more hangs/dates like the mall and wherever the heck else.

and on October 3rd, like days after that ice cream date/hang we were makin out in my bed and i made sure to ask if we were together. i mean genuinely in the middle of kissing, I was on top of the dude and i just stopped.

and voila 5 months later and we’re going strong. we’ve been on hella dates and kissed hella times. we’ve met each other’s families he spent thanksgiving with mine and i spent Christmas with his. we rarely fight (like twice maybe and they were so small we were fine like minutes later) and we’re basically just in love. like, real love.

it was the kind of thing that made me believe in fate. i didnt even get his name that first night and now we’re probably the most perfect couple ever honestly. we just understand each other so well it’s insane.

it was the kinda dumb love crap that would be some sort of rom com. it’s nice to think about and its nice to be a part of. i believe this is the endgame for us both.

and to conclude, I leave you with the words of Emily Brontรซ:

“whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”



  1. This is the most fabulous news of the week for me! 2 people who found each other! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
    You are so cute together, I love the genuine happiness pouring from your pictures. May love always reign. Good vibes for the rest of your lives! Your happiness makes me happy, I am smiling still after reading your post ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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