always nervous with alcohol and guy friends

I talk lightly about sexual assault here so don’t read if you have trouble with stuff like that.

it’s hard for me to talk to anyone about the two seperate times I was taken advantage of when i was drunk. both happened with guys that were very close to me. they were part of my inner circle.

my friend (let’s call him V) suggested us getting drunk together and although in my mind I know he would never try anything, i am still scared. I never thought the other two would do anything either but it happened. both guys had histories of crushes on me as well V from like 2 years ago.

I’m scared, though. I don’t think I could get drunk with any guy friend alone ever again and i feel bad because V isn’t a bad guy but it’s happened to me twice. I don’t want the “all guys” mentality but it’s hard to deal with stuff like this. both were close friends of mine, both happened while I was drunk.

idk I’m just scared


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  1. Yeah, it is totally okay to be very careful even with friends, in situations of loosing control. The human mind is completely shut down with alcohol and instincts only work. It is not a social situation at all when everyone is drunk. Take care of yourself, stay sharp and be well.

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