I don’t know lately things have been going well but i just can’t seem to really get excited about things. I don’t really have a reason to be sad but i just am not happy with my life at the moment. I don’t know. maybe it’s just because i havent reached many milestones except having a job. I think I’m just eager to start life on my own but i know i have a long way to go.

I’m just blue, ya know?

or maybe I just need to shut up and get a good night’s sleep.


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  1. Hey there, maybe you need a hobby that you are passionate about, maybe learn a new language and make that a personal goal to yourself. A language is always a good point on a CV for future jobs. Maybe you need to produce something concrete, see it, feel it, offer it, like this is my need for the moment, I am doing a crochet for my mother. I have never done it before, I am following tutorials on YT. Every day I work on it a bit, it’s my project for the moment with a near future for it achievement. It is helping me get through lots of bad thoughts stuck in my mind. Maybe you like to paint and never tried it. I hope you like dark chocolate and bananas, they contribute to enhancing the mood on a physical level. Maybe it’s just like you said, a good night sleep will make things better. In all cases, take care and find what you need, meditate, work on it and you will feel better. Good luck.


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