my brother is my best friend

I know what he wants out of life and this isn’t it.  I can do nothing but be there for him as he does me. so far, it has been us against the world, and although sometimes we falter, I believe we are in the lead; we are winning. he trembles in his speak while I burst. where I am unsure, he makes a decision. we work, in more ways than one. he can’t help but love too hard and too much, but I am there to bring him back from the brink when it ends. our promise is forever and there’s no intention of breaking it because I am positive that that is when the world will end.


thanks for the pepperoni and sausage pizza, dad, but u know I’ve been a vegetarian for over a year.

ok but

this is actually an issue.

I have been living with my dad for almost 3 years  and last year I made the decision to become a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian before, when I was a kid, but I had to stop because my dad “doesn’t trust people who don’t eat meat” and it made me feel sad. but I’m not a kid anymore and i can make life altering decisions on my own and he has no choice but to respect them.
although I believe this to be true, he still finds little ways to get back at me for this. for example, getting food for me that I do not eat like pepperoni and sausage pizza or burgers from big star and it literally makes me feel terrible. it makes me feel unimportant to him. he used to see me as his world, his savior  (and i mean he literally saw me as someone who saved his life bc I’m the reason he didn’t kill himself but that’s a story for another time) but I guess he just came to terms with the fact that I’m really just an average teen that makes decisions he doesn’t like.
I think he’s just getting sick of me.
he isn’t caring so much anymore now that I’m older.
my shoulder is acting up again and he didn’t say anything when I told him.
my glasses broke and it didn’t matter.
I mentioned my eating habits and it didn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter anymore but ya know what I’m not gonna let it get to me.

July 13, 2016. happy anniversary mom & dad

let me start off this thing by saying

screw you both. 

you guys messed me up in more ways than either of you would ever admit and i will never come back from it.

second of all, happy anniversary. because although you both are seeing other people, you’re still married (unfortunately).

and i can’t help but want to reminisce on this day of days of the times where we were happy; or according to you, mom, pretending to be happy. but I can’t because all those fond memories were tainted by the words “your mother and i have decided….” and then it fades out. there was an “it will be the friendliest divorce you’ll ever see….” in there but cmon, that was a damn lie and a half because you both can barely stand to be in a room together. 

It was sudden, and it hurt. 

it hurt like hell.

damn, I’m crying now.

anyway, yeah, screw you both & have a good day.